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to sign up

Whether you want to develop a business with Jeunesse or simply to buy wholesale and sell products, you will need to register on the platform. The value to register is US$29.95 (plus tax) or $25,000 Chilean pesos. 


Go to

1) Go up to the left and click on "BECOME A MEMBER" or "JOIN NOW". Select your Country and language. Accept. Then accept the electronic record and click "continue". It will take you to the form "JOIN TO THE JEUNESSE FAMILY"

2) In "WEBSITE ADDRESS SELECTION" indicate the name that you will put to your web; For example, mine is called Choose your name and check if it is available. Verify that the name of the sponsor indicates "alelarenas"

AVOID symbols when completing the info.


Complete the data properly. In "Company" you do not have to put anything, unless you're a company. In "Type of Identification" put Rut or DNI, then enter your ID number. Complete the details of your bank account where you will receive the commissions and bonuses. In the name of co-applicant and co-applicant number, leave them empty, unless you want to work with a partner, in which case, you enter his/her name and ID.

4) In "CONTACT INFORMATION", please complete your Email, phone number and mobile


En In "Mailing address" Indicate Mr, Mrs or Miss in the first box and your first and last name in the second. Then complete the address and check the information


Mark the box "shipping same as mailing" if that is true.


Check both the information to avoid delivery errors.


It refers to membership that is paid only once.


It refers to the pack of products that you will buy the first time to be a Distributor and start your business with a good footing. It is more convenient to buy products in pack, for its unit cost.


If you prefer to build your own pack, click on the "create-a-package" option, the products will be displayed and you will have to select the ones you want with a minimum of 100 (CV) points in


If you just want to start testing with some products for sale and not a pack, do not select any and go to the bottom of the page to click "CONTINUE SHOPPING; this step will take you to the store at the dealer's price, where you can choose the product (s) you want, add them to the cart and finalize your purchase. You will remain as an Associate, a previous step to the Distributor. Being an Associated gives you the right to buy everything at the distributor's price.

7) IF YOU GOT INTO THIS POINT and want to remain as an Associated, you can pay with your credit card.

8) To continue registering as a Distributor, you must have selected a Package and the "SMART DELIVERY" option will be displayed. Mark one or more products to receive them automatically every month. Keeping Smart Delivery active allows you to receive all the bonuses and commissions of Jeunesse's business. The selected products can be changed, increased or decreased when you deem appropriate. If you are going to develop an extra income with this platform, the self-shipping products must add a minimum of 60 points (CV) to be entitled to charge commissions.

If you do not want to make a monthly purchase, display the center bar and indicate "Do not wish to sign up for SmartDelilvery".

If you want to add more products to your Start Pack, click on "Continue Shopping" and it will take you to the distributor store. Select the ones you want, add them to the cart and finish the purchase.

9) Click on "Complete Signup" if you have finished. You will be created a provisional key that you will receive in your mail and that you will have to change later.

It will take you to the payment page and indicate separately each item that makes up the total of the account (membership, products or selected pack, clearance and VAT

10) Select payment method and finish the purchase. If you live in Chile payment can be done through  From now on, your purchases will be ultra simple in the JMobile application that you will download to your cell phone. You will receive the welcome in your mail.

I can help you personally in each step, if you require it! (+569 9679 7952)


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