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Everything is a process and each advance requires time and action for that process to be transformationaL

Restless, family entrepreneur and cheerful, my head did not stop drawing, singing, composing, sewing and creating things since I was a little girl and sometimes go against the conventional... My biggest growth comes during my first pregnancy, at the age of twenty and single. At that time I knew I would have to be a new "me" to open my way. As I strongly believe we are the only creators of our reality, I had two alternatives then: to truncate my dreams and live guilty or raise my head high and jump like a spring towards the future with my new baby. I knew I would have to build it myself. My attitude and love for life helped me to take the second option.

I started working formally at that age. At the same time I learnt how to work, study, maintain a house and raise; a challenge that made me very strong, so strong that nothing and no one could stop me. During my formal work in a mining company, an airline and a wine cellar, I was always very committed and learned a lot, not only about the tasks themselves, but to understand, empathize, socialize and relate to wonderful people who always supported me. I am very grateful for that stage. However, having to leave my child for hours in kindergarten, often with a fever so as not to miss work; or the stress of being late because the "help" did not arrive on time to take care of him; the comments of people ... So many difficult things and some very painful, they always made me focus on freedom. In how to achieve self-sustaining work so as not to depend on anyone or anything but my abilities and under my control.

Working so many hours behind a desk, in exchange for only 15 days of holidays a year, was not enough for me. And the fact of thinking that I had to get this way until I was 60! with a low retirement that would not even be enough for medicine; that was surely not for me. I wanted more: freedom to go out, enjoy, be with the people I love, any day, anytime ... create, sing, travel, helping others; give. So many things that can leave a mark on those who I know and care.


In my mind there was always the idea of ​​undertaking, creating, managing my time and generating well-being. It took me 10 years for this to become a reality in 2005 when, together with my husband, we launched our first Company. The first twelve years of work as an entrepreneur gave me all the experience to understand that having your own business is not necessarily a synonymous of freedom. Work is hard and responsibility is high. Many times the hours of the day are combined with those of the night and the week does not end on Fridays. However, you manage your time and your income. You can have vacations whenever you want and as many times as you want.


I know we are not all made to undertake; there are people who prefer a traditional job, in exchange for the lack of freedom. But a high number of these people are tired of the system, insufficient income, lack of time and are looking for new alternatives to improve their quality of life.

One day, due to the lack of experience, fatigue took me over and I needed a big break to move on. My body got sick and said "stop!" I felt very stressed and had to stop my activities. I was only focused in paying bills, and had completely leave my essence aside. So I just thought:  "I don't want to feel like this in the next 5 or 10 years. There must be a better way!"


At that day I began to listen to my heart, soul and body, and understood that I needed to find other ways to achieve happiness and be able to project it to my children (now 4). The fact of being healthy, having a great family, children that love me no matter what, is really a gift, and a reason to be grateful! and you know what? At that time I was wasting it.


In 2014 Network Marketing knocked on my door. I joined this industry in a project that changed my life. Products that made me feel good, increase my energy, regulate my sleep, increase my self-esteem and project that new energy into others. I began to feel rejuvenated.


Initially, I took it as a "B Plan", but soon it began to become my first choice, since I noticed that my advice could benefit many people who felt the same as me about a change of life and health. Today I can say that it was the best decision I have made. Network Marketing has given me a better life in all aspects: freedom, income, relationships and a lot of personal growth. We all deserve the life we ​​want, and we have the power to change the course of it. It's just that nobody taught us.


It doesn't matter the current situation you find yourself; where you were born or the beliefs you grew up with. You are the owner of your destiny and you have the power to change it, if you intend to. The beliefs that we have installed and that limit us, are part of our hardware, but the good news is that they can be changed, if you decide it and if your thoughts allow it. Thoughts lead us to feelings, then to actions and then to results. Therefore, yes YOU CAN start changing your results, you only have to start by changing your thoughts, open your heart and take action. And I invite you to do it through Network Marketing.


With love

Ale Larenas 

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